AD Blog 5: Even a Robot Can Do it

Artificial intelligence (AI) is commonly correlated to super cool science fiction movies and robots. Sorry to disappoint, but AI is not that wild as the media portrays it to be. It can be found everywhere in the digital world, such as search engine algorithms to being used in spam filters within businesses. Though it is safe to say that AI is progressing rapidly every day.

AI is defined as the development of computer systems being able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. These programs can be trained to do tasks through the processing of large amounts of data and recognizing patterns within the data. AI makes it possible for machines to learn how humans do everyday tasks through deep learning and natural language processing. Pretty cool, right? However with the progression of AI and various platforms, it is being used on is beginning to raise a concern in the advertising industry for being unethical.

Advertising, especially in modern digital advertising, has always relied on human behavior to build consumer experiences. You know those ads you see after looking up something on Google? That is because AI tracks your digital prints just about everywhere you go on the web. This begins to tie into questionable ethical considerations. The original intentions of AI being integrated into advertisements was to help understand demographics and target audiences. With the advancements of AI, algorithms are beginning to violate personal privacy and will begin to dive deeper into more personal details about individuals.

With the way technology, algorithms and artificial intelligence is heading means establishing transparency and trust with stakeholders, consumers, communities and all parties involved about how information is used. Companies need to stand true to their ethical values by being honest and truthful. A brand or company that represents transparency, is ethical, and stands by their values towards their communities is considered being socially responsible. In an industry that tends to be consumed by greed and lust for power, money, fame, etc, social responsible advertising can make a difference, especially in retention.

Since people often associate AI as a tangible object rather than a program or algorithms.

Since people often associate AI as a tangible object rather than a program or algorithms.