Blog 2: National Fried Rice Day!

Some exciting news for all those fried rice lovers out there! Benihana, top leading operator of Teppanyaki and Sushi Restaurants, declares Sept. 20 as National Fried Rice Day! From a public relations standpoint, this makes for awesome news for Benihana. Declaring a national holiday makes for news stories, increase traffic in businesses and so much more. With Benihana making this national holiday, he will not only keep his loyal customers but he also raises awareness and develop interest from other people outside his target audience. It also focuses on the philanthropy for such a great cause of helping out people in need.

This national holiday has so much potential of being a big hit, especially for huge fried rice fans. However, Benihana failed to mention any sort of social media presence for this holiday coming up.

One suggestion is making a Facebook event page for restaurants with noting of receiving a complimentary serving of their famous fried rice with a purchase of an entrée. This would for sure build up hype because like receiving free food or an incentive. Though the one thing I disagree on is only making this deal for an exciting holiday at select restaurants.

According to PR Newswire, "On National Fried Rice Day, September 20th, customers at select Benihana restaurants will receive a complimentary serving of the famous fried rice with the purchase of an entrée."

Nothing is more discouraging than making something only exclusive for specific stores. They should make it free to all restaurants just for one day. 

Another suggestion is making a Twitter post about it. The marketing team could have some fun with this by developing a 'meme-like' post or making some sort of light hearted joke out of it to catch more attention. The team could probably and more than likely make a pretty great meme about this holiday since the famous television series The Office had an episode featuring Benihana.

If you saw it was National Fried Rice Day, you would want to know more about it! I know I would.

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One scene from  The Office  -  A Benihana Christmas  taken place at a Benihana restaurant.

One scene from The Office - A Benihana Christmas taken place at a Benihana restaurant.