Blog 3: K9 Sport Sack

K9 Sport Sack is an amazing backpack that brings both humans and their pets close together. With this product, there is no more leaving your best friend behind on your adventures, bring them with you! You can take them on rides, hiking, shopping and even take them on a joy ride on a motorcycle!

Pairing up with another organization that focuses on animals (like a vet clinic or an animal shelter) would increase the positive reputation for the business. The organization I selected that would generate a great relationship with each other is Meadowbrook Veterinary Clinic. This veterinarian clinic would make a great match for K9 Sport Sack because the clinic’s mission statement says they use innovated talents and the latest technology to provide more comfort to animals they care for.

K9 Sport Sack has already developed a positive relationship with pet owners that are familiar with their products because they put emphasis that this backpack was meant to create a unique bond to bring owners and pets closer with each other. I think the veterinarian clinic could utilize this sack if the pet suffers severe arthritis or a terminal sickness and they are coming near the end of its life. Not only can this help the pet get fun outdoor time, but they also get to spend time with their owner.

An event these two organizations can form together is a pet hiking day in Julibee College State Park just right outside of Peoria, Illinois. This park is over 3,200 acres and it is great for hiking, hitting the trails, fishing and hunting. This backpack emphasizes activeness and being able to have a whole new experience with your pet riding on your back.

Examples of how K9 Sport Sack is used!