Blog 6: Putting the PR in PRofessional

Businesses today are beginning to combine public relations, marketing, communications and advertising to make one big department. As someone who has worked in the communications department for a substantially big credit union, these departments should work in unison to understand what can do for each other but ultimately should be separated. There are substantial differences between each department that divide the potential of uniting as a whole department. The activities, tactics, goals and audience each department holds are different from each other since communications focuses on positive media coverage whereas marketing and advertising seeks out what the customers want. Additionally, communications is seen as a long term investment with different various media outlets but marketing is more of a short term with the results being shown tangibly.

Standing out in the public relations field requires writing, listening, creativity and business savviness. To add on to this list, already having strong media relations from previous work experiences is an asset most companies look for. Already developed media relations with an individual shows credibility. This can also mean media outlets are more likely to pay attention to these established individual relationships increasing the likeliness of some sort of publicity.

Measuring PR campaigns can be tricky because there is not a tangible way of seeing results, like marketing. However, an ideal way would be seeing increased media publicity and increased website traffic.