Blog 8: This goes to my homegirl, Lydia Moss Bradley

Lydia Moss Bradley was voted number one on the list of groundbreaking women in Illinois history. She beat Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey who are also significant Illinois natives. This is fantastic news for not only Lydia, but also Bradley University as a whole.

For an award this monumental, Bradley University should consider a campaign for its faculty, staff and students. A potential idea could be a week long month dedicated to the women of Bradley, whether its instructors, professors or a staff member. Any student would be able to submit an application for a woman on campus they feel are deserving for this award. This would make for great featured articles on Bradley’s website in addition to social media content and increase in publicity. It can tie back to Lydia by making the campaign known that Bradley would not be as successful without her dedication and the help from the current women of Bradley. The given award can be named after Lydia in honor of her work. 

Prior to making this campaign live is making sure this is something that would motivate people to participate in along with getting as much involvement as possible. Before anything happens, research should be done on Lydia whether that is going to the Peoria Historical Society or even researching old documents from Lydia to get a closer inside look on her history. Switching gears, a different type of research that could be done is seeing if a campaign like this has been done on campus in the past and seeing how successful it was. Another way is seeing if another university from another school has done something similar to this by seeing how it worked out of them in terms of success and how future campaigns could improve.

Strategies to bring this campaign to life would definitely be advertising on campus and making it a substantial event. Students will definitely show enthusiasm when it comes to nominations because this award could be a student’s way of saying thank you for their hard work. Different platforms would include Bradley’s website by featuring articles of interviews of people who have won the award along with posting on social media with what is going on with the month long event. At the end of the month / campaign, there can be a brunch or a dinner bringing everyone nominated together and talking about Lydia’s history (plus who doesn’t like free food?!)

Lydia Moss Bradley supports Domestic Violence Awareness!

Lydia Moss Bradley supports Domestic Violence Awareness!