Blog 7: The Steamboat Classic

The Steamboat Classic has been a well known Central Illinois summer tradition for 45 years. This has been considered to be more than just a race. It draws in friendly faces from all around the Midwest region. It also is a community gathering that brings people closer together through friendly competition and the support by others.

Typically people find out about community events online, whether it’s through social media or on websites. The Steamboat Classic utilizes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, they are somewhat more on active Facebook more so due to their targeted demographics which is probably people in their late 20s to mid 60s. Even with Facebook being their most active platform, it still has weaknesses that can improve on. One weakness that stuck out was their messenger response times. They need to work on their promptness to direct messages as it shows a stronger credibility and willingness to help their audience. As a whole, this group is lacking content on each of their social media sites which does not make for good publicity. Understandably it can be difficult to develop content during the off-season, though it should not be a stopping factor altogether as there are many possibilities to keep the content rolling in.

One strong factor they have going is their website. It is easy to navigate, the color scheme is pleasing to the eye for viewers and it is also mobile friendly which is an added bonus! Though they really need to get on top of updating their website with the correct information keeping in consideration of those who are not from around the area or like to plan their running events ahead of time.

Incorporating a social media calendar would be an easy way for people to see at a quick glance what Steamboat holds for its community during the off-season times. It would also be a great way to gain publicity because both people and sponsors can share it to their pages with a click of a button. One thing they should include on their schedule for sure is their running practice program. Additionally giving their partners and sponsors some publicity by adding their events to the calendar would make for great content and make them happy.